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LATEST: Aichi D3A basics and Nakajima B5N drawings

  An aviator of the 19 Shinbutai (Special Attack Unit) in front of an "Oscar"-III fighter, March 1945
An aviator of the 19 Shinbutai (Special Attack Unit) in front of an "Oscar"-III fighter, March 1945
Japanese aviation and military links An extensive collection of other web resources about Japanese aircraft, ships, the Pacific War, aviation museums and modelling sites

Army Type 3 Fighter Hien Large colour scans, 3-view drawings, profiles and a few notes about Kawasaki's Ki-61 "Tony". Read also Scott Hoffman's Ki-61/Ki-100 story from the Asahi Journal Vol.2.1

Camouflage & markings of JAAF Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa ("Oscar") All about the exterior of the Ki-43 fighter - an English translation of the painting chapter of the "Monografie Lotnicze" #48

Unit structure & organization of Japanese Army Air Force A survey of how the JAAF was organised, from the Kokugun to the Shotai, and how it changed during its history

Constructing the 1/48 Zero Mod.22 kit An English translation of my article in the Japanese "Scale Aviation" #5/1998 about the building of the Hasegawa 1/48 A6M3 Mod.22

Aichi D3A1/2 "Val" Some basic 3-view drawings of the Navy Type 99

Nakajima B5N1/2 Large line drawings and some good photos of the Navy Type 97, concentrating of the early model 11

My literature references This list of all the books and magazines in my posession may serve as a general refernce guide for other enthisiasts

Temporary page: scraps & pieces Responses to requests from collegues or complements to discussions on newsgroups or Internet message boards

Asahi Journal: web edition An abridged web-edition of the magazine Asahi Journal, the publication of the Japanese Information International (JII), dedicated to the study of the Japanese military aviation 1900-1945.


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